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10/3/08 11:27 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge Five, Reminder

Just a reminder that your icons are due by Midnight tomorrow, that's Midnight GMT, Saturday 4th October.
I will also be sending out reminder messages this week because it has been so long since the last challenge... sorry about that.

Also, voting results are in, currently there will NOT be a come-back challenge (for those of you who are unsure, this is when people who have been eliminated have a separate challenge & vote to allow one person to come back in), however the poll will remain open and if there is a significant increase in 'yes' votes before the end of the round, there will be one.


9/23/08 11:12 pm - darkenglishrose - Comeback Challenge?

Well I'm practically spamming now....

I wish to ask something of you all. Given that I'm just trying to get this finished so we actually have a winner and round one's all squared up for when round two happens in the future, I was wondering if I should still do a comeback challenge.

But if you guys want it, you guys can most definitely have it. So what say ye?

Do you think there should be a comeback challenge?


9/23/08 11:03 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge Five

Challenge Five

Pressing straight on! Challenge five.

Deadline for this challenge is Saturday, October 4th I'm giving you a little bit longer to get yourself back into the game!

If you need a reminder of who's still 'in', check the list here

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9/23/08 10:53 pm - darkenglishrose - LOL HOW LAME AM I: Challenge Four Results

Go on, admit it, you thought I was dead.

All joking aside, I'm terribly sorry how lame I am since it's been several months.
I will be starting a new round when Being Human returns to our screens, but when that happens I will also be advertising for a second mod to keep me on track!

However, I'd like to ask that you all rally around and continue to participate, so we can at least finish off this round, ok guys?

Here are your results from challenge four!

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6/13/08 08:36 pm - darkenglishrose - Voting Reminder

Hi guys! So far I've only had two votes for the latest challenge, so I'm going to leave voting open for another day to try and get a few more.
Please vote!

6/10/08 03:48 am - darkenglishrose - Challenge Four, Voting

Sorry about the delay, I fail as per usual.
Voting will be up until Friday 13th June (ooh Friday 13th!) and then results will be announced.
Let's get those votes in please!

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5/20/08 12:27 am - darkenglishrose - Round One, Challenge Four

Challenge Four

Woo check me out. Or something.
Ok Challenge four! Deadline for this challenge is Sunday, May 25th because I'll be away on Saturday.

Challenge four, George and Mitchell...Collapse )

5/19/08 10:10 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge Three Results

Hi guys! Ridiculously sorry about the wait and all, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one with exams and essays beating them up, am I? XD

Challenge four will go up much much sooner than the gap between voting and results, I promise! Hopefully even later today!

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5/4/08 02:39 am - darkenglishrose - Challenge Three Voting

Voting will end Monday, May 5th and the next challenge will be posted.

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5/3/08 04:25 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge Three Reminder

Sorry about the late reminder. All icons are due in by midnight tonight, that's midnight GMT, Saturday 3rd May


* = not enough skips left for this round.
To check your skips, look here
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