Angel born in Hell (darkenglishrose) wrote in beinghuman_lims,
Angel born in Hell

Round One, Challenge Four

Challenge Four

Woo check me out. Or something.
Ok Challenge four! Deadline for this challenge is Sunday, May 25th because I'll be away on Saturday.

Special note for this challenge for those who may be unsure, just because the challenge is titled 'George and Mitchell' does not mean they both have to be in your icon, just that they're both in the pictures.

- Each participant must enter one icon
- Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100, less than 40kb, .jpg, .gif or .png)
- Brushes, texures, text etc are allowed, but animations and blending are not.
- Only the images above are permitted, each icon must consist of only ONE of these images, but it can be used multiple times.
- The icon must be new and made by you
- Do not post the icon anywhere, or show anybody your icon, before the challenge is over.
- You must be a participant to enter. Sign ups are currently closed, but check back again when a new round starts!

Post your icons like this:

Check how many skips you have left here

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