Angel born in Hell (darkenglishrose) wrote in beinghuman_lims,
Angel born in Hell

LOL HOW LAME AM I: Challenge Four Results

Go on, admit it, you thought I was dead.

All joking aside, I'm terribly sorry how lame I am since it's been several months.
I will be starting a new round when Being Human returns to our screens, but when that happens I will also be advertising for a second mod to keep me on track!

However, I'd like to ask that you all rally around and continue to participate, so we can at least finish off this round, ok guys?

Here are your results from challenge four!

- slodwick

- subtle__sarcasm

No mod's choice this week because there's only three ^^

Here's a reminder of all the icons entered, well done to all of you and see you in the next round! (Scroll down for votes)

1 2 3

(Icontable from here)

Vote Tally
1. + (1)
2. + - (0)
3. + - - (-1)

(Please reply to this post with your number if you want to know what comments people made)

Eliminated due to lack of skips
Tags: challenge four, results, round one
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