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Angel born in Hell

Challenge Five

Challenge Five

Pressing straight on! Challenge five.

Deadline for this challenge is Saturday, October 4th I'm giving you a little bit longer to get yourself back into the game!

If you need a reminder of who's still 'in', check the list here

Something slightly different for challenge five.
Quote icons!

To encourage you all to participate, there are very few restrictions on this, I want to see a quote icon of any Being Human quote - if somebody says it in the show, it's allowed.

Special note for this challenge: The rules STAY THE SAME. There are no images here, so no images may be used, but brushes and textures are still allowed.

- Each participant must enter one icon
- Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100, less than 40kb, .jpg, .gif or .png)
- Brushes, texures, text etc are allowed, but animations and blending are not.
- Only the images above are permitted, each icon must consist of only ONE of these images, but it can be used multiple times.
- The icon must be new and made by you
- Do not post the icon anywhere, or show anybody your icon, before the challenge is over.
- You must be a participant to enter. Sign ups are currently closed, but check back again when a new round starts!

Post your icons like this:

Check how many skips you have left here

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