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4/30/08 12:49 am - darkenglishrose - Challenge Three

Challenge Three

Apologies for being late with this one (and apologies for a lack of pretty writing)
All icons for this challenge are due in Saturday 3rd May and voting will start then.

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4/28/08 10:34 pm - darkenglishrose - Results

Thanks for voting everybody! Here are your results!
Challenge three will go up later today.

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4/26/08 11:04 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge Two Voting

I'm a bit disappointed at the turn out guys. Big thanks to those people that did submit icons, and I hope the rest of you get your iconing groove back next challenge.
Voting will end Monday, 28th April and the next challenge will be posted.

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4/24/08 07:55 pm - darkenglishrose - Reminder

This is a reminder, your icons are due in two days, by Saturday, 26th April.

Those of you who still need to enter are as follows:


* = not enough skips left for this round.
To check your skips, look here

4/23/08 11:53 am - darkenglishrose - Challenge Two

Okay guys! This challenge will run 'till Saturday 26th April at which point voting will start.

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4/22/08 06:51 pm - darkenglishrose - Challenge One Results

Thanks for voting everybody! Here are your results!
Challenge two will go up later today.

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4/20/08 04:28 pm - darkenglishrose - Round One Voting

Apologies for this going up slightly late, I've been without internet all weekend.
Due to stuff, the voting this round will end on Tuesday 22nd April, at which point a new challenge will go up.

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4/18/08 01:46 am - darkenglishrose - Second Reminder

This is your final reminder, all icons are due in TOMORROW (or the day after tomorrow if it's still Thursday where you are), SATURDAY 19TH APRIL.

Those of you still needing to enter icons are as follows:

(* = do not have enough skips and will be disqualified if they don't enter)

4/13/08 02:46 am - darkenglishrose - Round One Reminder

Reminder guys, the challenge period is half up, you have one more week - that's until April 19th to submit your icons
(That's also one more week to get new participants, so keep up with the advertising).
Remember, for this first challenge you'll need two skips if you want to skip it, check how many skips you have left here
People who still need to enter are:
coffeebased, io_2, insevens, brownstudies, subtle__sarcasm, davidbrider, gem_pinkeh, slodwick

4/7/08 07:16 pm - darkenglishrose - Round One, Challenge One

IMPORTANT! Due to a lack of participants, this first challenge will go TWO WEEKS before judging begins (on April 19th).
Sign ups will remain open until that time.
If I do not get enough entrants, I may be forced to cancel or postpone this challenge. PLEASE ADVERTISE.

Challenge One, Mitchell...Collapse )
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