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Beings Human: Last Icon Maker Standing
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Last Icon Maker Standing contest for the show 'Being Human'

About Us
Welcome the Being Human LIMS, the Last Icon Maker Standing competition for the BBC show Being Human.
What is a LIMS? It's an icontest in which iconmakers show off their skills through a series of challenges, and after each challenge the participants vote (anonymously) on their favourite and least favourite icons. At the end of voting, the iconmaker with the least votes is out for that round, this continues until there is only one person left - the last icon maker standing!


01. In order to participate, you must join the community and sign up at the beginning of the round.
You can join the community just in order to watch and vote if you don't want to participate, and you don't have to join to vote, but it would be appreciated ^^
02. Participants are required to enter every round unless they use a skip, or they will be automatically voted off.
03. Please do not say which icon is yours or post your icon anywhere before each challenge is over, if caught you will be automatically disqualified.
04. You're not allowed to vote for yourself, it just defies the point of voting.
05. Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100, less than 40kb and .jpg, .png or .gif format.
06. Brushes, texures, text etc are allowed, but animations and blending are not. Image used must only be one of those provided in the challenge.